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Introverts Love It!

A game-changer
Neil Patel
Brilliant, intuitive, and refreshing
Matthew Dixon

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This book will be a game changer for any introvert who hates selling or believes they just can’t do it. You can!

Neil Patel
author of New York Times bestseller Hustle and Co- Founder of Crazy Egg & Hello Bar

Here are all the fundamental techniques you need to become a successful salesperson! If you’ve ever felt that your introversion is an obstacle to your success, worry no more. Matthew Pollard shows you exactly why the opposite is true!

Marshall Goldsmith
The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

Matthew has created the ultimate guide for people who are reluctant to enter the world of sales. He won the war with his instinct, his courage, his friendliness and his honesty. But the cool part is he documented it so that you can do the same thing. More than a sales book, it’s both informational and inspirational.

Jeffrey Gitomer
author of The Little Red Book of Selling

Anyone thinking that sales isn’t for them ‘because they’re an introvert’ should read this book. For too long, introverts have believed that their personalities make them ineffective salespeople, or that they have some excuse not to learn and master the skills. This book provides an overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary. Sales is just a process like anything else, that can be learned and perfected—and introverts are, in fact, uniquely suited to succeed in sales.

Jordan Harbinger
co-founder and host of the The Art of Charm Podcast – ranked by Forbes as one of the 50 best relationship-builders in the world

Don’t read this book…if you love excuses. As an introvert, I used to believe that I couldn’t sell ‘because I’m an introvert.’ This book taught me that my excuse was actually an advantage.

Ryan Deiss

Introverts have what it takes to be great sales people and author Matthew Pollard proves that point and more in this compelling read. By sharing powerful case examples and a clear sales system, he offers introverts a way to build on their power at listening and preparation to win sales and influence people.

Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D., CSP
bestselling author of The Introverted Leader and Quiet Influence

I’ve long advocated taking control of the sale, while at the same time keeping the customer’s needs front and center. Matthew Pollard’s system does exactly that – and much more. Brilliant, intuitive, and refreshing.

Matthew Dixon
author of The Challenger Sale & The Challenger Customer – listed as the number one and two Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time by HubSpot

Sales is due for a transformation. The Introvert’s Edge flips selling from an uncomfortable, unsuccessful, high pressure nightmare to a smooth, winning conversation.

Mark Roberge
Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School; Former CRO at HubSpot; bestselling author of The Sales Acceleration Formula

At the core, I’m an introvert myself, so I know the importance of reliable, adaptable systems that draw on our greatest strengths. Matthew Pollard has nailed a process that harnesses our creativity, empathy, and analytical thinking to cultivate relationships that create the solutions your customers need.

Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder of BNI

Introverts can set the world on FIRE, and Matthew will show you how in The Introvert’s Edge. Introverts, it’s time to IGNITE!

John Lee Dumas
founder and host of Entrepreneurs On Fire – recently ranked by Entrepreneur as a top five podcasts for entrepreneurs

Being an extrovert, this book makes me understand why some of my biggest competitors in my sales career have been the quiet ones.

Erik Day
Vice President & GM, North America Small Business at Dell Technologies

Finally! A sales manual for people who’d rather chew their arm off than ‘work a room.’ In other words, most of us. I make most of my living trying to be an extrovert on stage giving speeches. When I have to do what amounts to selling, I don’t have any of that energy left. I need a sales system that doesn’t rely on any natural ability for charm, chit-chat, or schmoozing. This is it.

Paul Smith
bestselling author of Sell with a Story

Everyone knows that introverts can’t sell very well. Wrong! The Introvert’s Edge provides the needed steps to sell successfully, and it does so in an easy, accessible, and readable manner. Through the use of stories, this book goes way beyond general sales tips; it provides insights into how introverts can make the leap into sales. Ease into this book and you will see immediate results.

John B. Molidor, Ph.D.
Former President of the National Speakers Association and professor of psychiatry at Michigan State University

The Introvert’s Edge is a great read for both the quiet and the less-quiet. Mathew Pollard not only shows the power of process over personality when it comes to sales, but helps pave the way for workplaces that are great for all kinds of people.

Ed Frauenheim
Director of Research and Content, Great Place to Work Institute

Matthew Pollard really knows what he’s talking about. Every introvert interested in selling any idea or product would be well advised to read his book and follow his simple and practical process.

Derek Lidow
Princeton professor of entrepreneurship and author of Startup Leadership and Building on Bedrock


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