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Turn Sales Objections into Opportunities with Strategic Storytelling

Turn Sales Objections into Opportunities with Strategic Storytelling

While objections in sales can feel confronting and deflating, they’re a natural part of the sales process, and you can actually use them in your favor. Don’t think of them as rejections or lack of interest. Instead, consider objections as opportunities for deeper engagement and understanding. Objections simply highlight the...
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Leverage the Science of Storytelling to Close More Deals, Faster

Storytelling is a game-changing strategy in both B2C and B2B sales, scientifically proven to turn passive listeners into engaged prospects eager to hear what comes next. As Gartner points out, “Every good sales presentation is built on top of a good story.” But why exactly do stories work so well?...
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Sales speaker

Hiring a Sales Speaker? Read This First!

In our drastically altered, post-Covid business landscape, the role of a truly effective sales speaker has moved way beyond routine presentations on old-school sales tactics. Today’s leading sales speakers are catalysts for change, equipped to inspire teams, introduce fresh perspectives, and guide strategies that align with the shifting needs and...
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The INTJ Approach to Successful Entrepreneurship

The INTJ Approach to Successful Entrepreneurship

In today's episode of The Introvert's Edge podcast, Matthew talks with Don Williams, an INTJ entrepreneur who has truly maximized his many introverted strengths across a diverse range of business endeavors. Emphasizing the strengths of the INTJ personality type in entrepreneurship, this episode details how introverts can absolutely excel in...
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finding a keynote speaker

The Art of Finding an Engaging Keynote Speaker

Imagine this: You’re at a company event, the lights dim, and the much-anticipated keynote speaker takes the stage. Within minutes, though, it’s clear something’s amiss. The speaker just isn’t resonating with your audience. They fumble through slides, their jokes fall flat, and the powerful message you hoped for is lost...
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transforming corporate culture for introverts

Transforming Corporate Culture for Introverts

In today's powerful episode, Matthew welcomes Toiya Honore, who has played a critical role in creating an introvert-friendly workplace at the American Heart Association. Together, they explore the benefits of embracing introversion and the creation of employee resource groups for introverts at work. Toiya shares her personal experiences as an...
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The 7-Step Sales Process Embraced by Introverts Worldwide

Summary: As a result of Matthew’s work with the Introverted Seller Summit, we’ve been getting even more inquiries than usual from introverts wanting to improve their sales results. So, we’re doing things a little differently in this episode! In this special installment, Matthew introduces and shares the first chapter of...
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The Dangers Of A Hustle Mindset

The past few years have changed our attitudes and approaches to work in dramatic and long-lasting ways. Now more than ever, many of us are stepping away from chronic workplace stress and the traditional 9 to 5 “safe job” mentality, and instead embracing the unexpected, boldly venturing down the path...
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what to look for in a sales kickoff speaker

What to Look for in a Sales Kickoff Speaker

You already know that an impactful sales kickoff event is critical for driving success. But what you may not know is: What transforms an ordinary meeting into an inspirational experience that energizes your team? An exceptional keynote speaker makes all the difference. They provide fresh ideas, develop the audience’s skills,...
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